The making of BTD promo video – Part 5 the Portals

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I have always been fascinated by doors. So many things that happen in our lives are associated with doors and doorways. We regularly talk about how doors open, bringing us into new opportunities and realities. Sometimes we associate not being able to move forward with doors being locked or slammed in our faces.

When I read Dianne’s description of a six sided room where portals to different worlds exist my imagination ignited into how this would look visually. In my mind the only way to represent this room in one all-encompassing image was to view the portals from above. The bonus is that at this angle the view of the floor is also a very large focal point; and it was an obvious choice for me to re-draw the Celtic designs that are featured on the book cover illustrated by Laura Gordon.

Learning to draw Celtic knots was an exciting week of study for me. I will talk more about that adventure in part seven of these posts.

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