Companions for the Journey

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There is one thing we all need in life and that is companions for the journey. On earth Ben has his roommate and best friend Denzel Carter. He is the bravest person Ben knows. If asked, Ben would name Denzel as the best choice among his friends to go on a hero’s quest. The only problem with Denzel is his dare devil attitude tends to get Ben into trouble. Ben ends up with detentions because he follows Denzel’s lead. The other person who is important to Ben is a girl named Allison. Ben gets nervous and tongue tied in her presence.

When Ben goes through the portal to Lushaka the first person he meets is a mermaid with attitude. Charla has little liking for humans and thinks that Ben is totally useless. Charla is desperate to prove that she herself has what it takes to be a Chosen. Charla’s focus on getting others to recognize that she is gifted and special gets in the way of true friendship. She sees others as competition rather than as partners who can help change the world.

Charla, much to Ben’s displeasure joins him as an uninvited companion on his quest. It proves to be a good thing as Charla saves Ben’s life several times. The greatest prize Charla finds is friendship where she least of all expects it. Charla also learns that not everything is about her. True heroes are able to celebrate the gifts that others have without jealousy. They are able to freely offer their own gifts with humility.

Ben has two more companions on his journey. One companion is a Mer male named Brina and the other is a human youth named Jared. You can learn more about them by reading Ben the Dragonborn.

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