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Ruth says:
I love children’s literature and am particularly concerned with really helping a child learn to LOVE reading. I think this is the perfect book for those readers who are ready for chapter books, need a more intricate story and are ready for a mid-range reader. I have a 10 year old boy, who is an okay reader, but sometimes he struggles with the really long books. He is currently devouring this book! The story is compelling, exciting & imaginative! My boy is sometimes timid and doesn’t like to try new things. I love the way the character confronts his fears in this book and finds out he can do more than he thought he could. The possibilities for this series are endless, and I am also anxiously awaiting the next book. This book reminds me somewhat of the Deltora Quest books by Emily Rodda. The situation is fascinating and the world is very unique. I LOVE dragons and any book with dragons in it has a leg up automatically. I particularly loved the way the characters confronted each of their weaknesses and overcame them with teamwork and believing that they could succeed together. So often in real life that is exactly what it takes. I did love Charla and Jared and I hope that we see them again. I’m sure we will see more of the dragons. I hope that we see more of Allison and Denzel as well. That would be awesome! I’m so curious as to what gifts they would be given.

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