The Test

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When students visit Mariah Templeton for the first time she gives them a simple test. The test reveals whether they will ever be chosen to go off world. It they are chosen the dials on the pendent move to signify where the student will go and when. Some will go off world while they are still in high school. Others will come back after graduation to make their first trip through a portal. Mariah Templeton normally gives the test to all the students at the end of Grade 9. Ben is given the test early. If the dials fail to move he will be excused from taking the swimming lessons he absolutely hates. At first it looks like Ben will not follow in his ancestors footsteps and be a Chosen of the Guardian. His father will be disappointed.

Ben Taylor’s father Andrew has gone through a portal and is long overdue to return. Ben does not know where his father has gone or what it is that hides in the offices of Mariah Templeton. But he is about to find out that there is more to the school and more to himself then he ever dreamed possible.

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