The School

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Imagine being a student at a school where learning how to rock climb is as important as algebra. Imagine being at a school where you learn archery, swordplay, para-sailing, horseback riding and a great many other skills. Imagine being at a school where you learn how to pick locks, be a tracker and make a smoke bomb. Imagine being at a school where visitors from other worlds come and tell you about their visit to Earth and how they have been at work to make Earth more just and peaceful. Imagine yourself, a student at Fairhaven, doing research in the library on the world you will one day go visit.

Fairhaven is a school for students from Grade 9 to 12. The teachers are all former students. Some are battle scarred and scary. The only people in the world who know about Fairhaven are the people who attended it. Some of those do not know of the schools true purpose. Not everyone who comes to the school will be the chosen. Those who are will be taught many things that will help them survive when the time comes for them to journey to other worlds.

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