The making of the BTD promo video – Part 10 Dragonborn

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I have to admit that even before I knew anything about Ben the Dragonborn, I was attracted to the idea of reading about dragons. These ancient creatures are very compelling; they instill a sense of mystery and wonder in our imaginations. A dragon can represent many things; power, wisdom, strength and longevity.

During the process of creating the story boards for the video I wrestled with many images of dragons. Looking back at this I realize that I was just enjoying the whole “dragon” process and would, in the end, respect the image created for the book cover.

In this final scene my main goal was to have the previous scene of Ben and this scene merge together. I did this by focusing on the one feature that Ben and the dragon have in common; the eyes. I used imagery that was obvious and not so obvious. If you look closely during the video you will see the dragon’s eye dilate.

At the beginning of the book Ben certainly does not seem to have any of the qualities that we think dragons should have. By the end Ben has realized his hidden strengths and evolved into a hero worthy of his true name.

This concludes my guest posts for, I hope you all get a chance to read the book and become as inspired as I have been through reading it. Thank you so much Dianne for giving me the chance to bring the book into video form.

Sean Sherstone

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