The making of BTD promo video – Part 6&7 the Chosen

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Scene Six is the only story board sketch I produced that was radically different from the final production. In this version we see Miss Templeton; the Watcher of Fairhaven, the school located on earth. As you watch the final video you will see that the text reads “One Guardian of all who calls the Chosen, to protect and serve the worlds”. The text does not describe a Watcher at all. In Chapter Three of the book the imagery of Ben in Miss Templeton’s office is quite fantastic but the Guardian who does the choosing is an unseen entity indicated by the presence of intense light both within the Celtic pendant worn by Miss Templeton and also emitted by her golden chair.

Because Scene Six is more about the Guardian and much less about Miss Templeton I needed to refine the focus of the scene to be on the pendant. Adding hands into the scene gives us the visual drama needed and leaves it open to interpretation. The hands could belong to Miss Templeton but they could just as easily belong to the Guardian.

Both Scene Six and Scene Seven rely heavily on Celtic knots. I wanted to produce both original and complex knot-work and as such, needed to learn the fundamentals of drawing them. I have always appreciated the unique and beautiful artwork that can be found in ancient texts; so I had previously done a lot of research on Celtic designs. Because of my previous research it was an easier task to re-learn and apply that knowledge into a digital form.

The pendant was drawn in a program called Illustrator; it was then imported into Photoshop where the rubies, golden texture and 3D shading were applied. In Scene Seven I wanted a golden throne that was embellished extensively with knot work. To achieve this it was necessary to draw the knots in two dimensions and then apply the designs to a 3D model where it could be displayed at the exact angle I wanted for the scene.

Light is used in both scenes to represent the presence of the Guardian.

Sean Sherstone

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