The making of BTD promo video – Part 2 the School

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Out of all of the storyboard sketches I produced for this video, the castle school was my least developed in regards to colour and detail. The main idea was to solidify in my mind that we needed to see a close up version of the school with a hint of the forest that surrounds it.


Castles bring forth a different image in each person’s mind. My vision of a small grey-stoned castle was more stylized than most castles you see today. I wanted it to be immediately recognized as a castle so I spent several days researching both fantasy and real castles before I finally happened upon the perfect design.


I used 3D rendering software in many of the scenes. This allowed me to concentrate on the overall look of each scene and merge the 3D objects with my own photography. In this scene of the castle school the background is once again from the West-side of Vancouver Island. The towering, majestic trees make a perfect backdrop to the spires of Fairhaven school.


Sean Sherstone

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