The Location

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A few years ago I was invited to go fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island. We left the vehicle at a place called Cougar Creek. The large cats the creek is named after rarely made their presence known, but their footprints can often be seen. We loaded supplies into a boat and went to a float home moored behind a small island. The float home was completely off the grid. It was a wild and lonely place and we did not see other human beings.

When I thought about where to base a school shrouded in mystery, the West coast of Vancouver Island came immediately to mind. It is a place where I have tossed fish to bald headed eagles. It is a place where sea lions are common, dolphins play, and orcas and whales are not a rare sight. When the mists roll in it can be hard to see anything at all. This is a place that has claimed my heart. It is the perfect place for a school shrouded in mystery that few know of.

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