The Dragonborn

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Have you ever been asked what kind of animal you would be if you could be an animal? The author of Ben the Dragonborn, which is me, was asked that question. Without hesitation I said dragon. There was a look of pure shock on the face of the counsellor. It was the last answer she expected. She had never heard anyone say dragon before.

There is something very attractive about being a dragon. There is very little you need to be afraid of. You can soar above the clouds and look down on life. If anything and anyone becomes too much of a problem you can breathe a little fire. It might not fix the problem, but it will make it go away for a little while.

Most of us don’t have the option Ben has of flying high and breathing fire. We have to stay on the ground and deal with what is in our human strength. The worst thing we can do is pretend there is no problem when there really is. We need to have the courage to open our eyes and live life fully aware. We need to be our own hero and take whatever steps we can to bring the change we desire to see. Not all problems are meant to be faced alone. Sometimes the most heroic thing we can do is ask for help. And remember that sometimes even the bravest heroes run away.

Seek the treasure of your own true self and be who you really are. And as you do so, may the light of the Guardian dwell in you always, and may you be a source of light in those places where shadows gather.

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