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It is hard to get a book noticed in today’s world. Some of the methods used by business are not ones that an author can afford. I put an advertisement in a magazine hoping that some of my old friends and acquaintances would see it. Perhaps they did, but the magazine is not read by Middle Grade readers. While all ages are enjoying Ben the Dragonborn, children age 9 to 14 really really like it. So I came up with a marketing strategy and enlisted the help of Sean Sherstone who created the Youtube promo video and this website. I am going to market T-Shirts. I can’t wait to turn myself and others into walking billboards by wearing a T-shirt with this beautiful graphic on it.  I plan to put this graphic on some black T-shirts. I think they will look really sharp. Thank you Sean.   Round_Dragon1

A Free Anthology

Some readers of Ben the Dragonborn really liked the character of Charla the mermaid so I wrote a short story which is included in the Hall of Heroes Anthology. This anthology is free to download... Read more