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An enchanting children’s fantasy full of heartfelt sincerity and truth…

Always seek the treasure of your own true self…

This beautiful book is an inspiring tale of courage, friendship and dreams that will dazzle and delight. Similarly to Harry Potter and other similar young adult fantasy stories, this story contains a strong heroic main protagonist who leads the way in an epic adventure. Ben is an ideal role model, whose compassion and heart is commendable in the face of adversity and danger. This impressive novel of substance builds bridges through the use of imagination and thought-provoking meaning, which instils a sense of adventure for the reader to search within themselves. Here is a story which reaches out to all readers in its truth for everyone who braves the hero’s quest.

Ben the Dragonborn is a ‘six worlds’ story about a young boy whose nightmares of two moons, fire-breathing winged beasts and giant claws are brought to life! Not all dreams are fiction and Ben’s life is suddenly turned upside down as he uncovers the shocking truth about his parents, his own powers and the secrets hidden in the office of the head mistress…

Wonderfully original and inspired this remarkable tale is one that takes fantasy fiction to new heights. Anyone with a vivid imagination and a love for Dragons, Myth & Magic will be whisked off on the most thrilling journey of a lifetime told through the eyes of a likeable character. I found this story utterly compelling to read, plus it was interesting to see the characters grow and develop as more secrets were revealed and the detailed plot unravelled. The striking cover of this book certainly helps it to catch your eye and stand out on the bookshelf, and I confidently predict it becoming a firm favourites for Middle grade / Young Adult readers.

The engaging narrative contains not only extensive, well-conceived world building but also a cast of colourful characters who keep you entertained. The entire concept of this novel is quite extraordinary and so I am really looking forward to seeing the author’s next work.

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