First Review of Ben the Dragonborn from Goodreads

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Fischwife’sĀ Review

Nov 26, 13

I really enjoyed this book. At first I was concerned that it would be a little bit derivative (of the Harry Potter books), but it quickly became clear that this story, while being a fantasy written for youth and, therefore, having some recognizable elements: a young male protagonist with special powers, a school, a couple of companions (one male, one female), the tale is original, creative, and engaging. Any lover of the Potter books would likely enjoy this story immensely but won’t be left with a sense of “Haven’t I read this before?”

I particularly liked the character of Charla, who is a strong but stubborn female. It’s clear there will be future books about Ben–4 or 5 others, I’m guessing. If you read the book, you will see why I make this supposition. It’s less clear whether Charla will appear in them, but I would not be sorry to meet her again.

Ben learned of his true nature and parentage at the end of this novel. It will be interesting to see how he grows into his destiny in future novels. I definitely recommend this book to adults and kids alike, as long as they enjoy fantasy and a ripping good story.


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